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      Welcome to The Art Spider, a place where you can buy and sell art. I created this website as a platform to sell my art. I also created this website as way to provide extra income to support me in my artistic journey. Another purpose of this website is promote other local artist looking to sell their work as well. My goal is to escape the 9-5  and become a self sufficient artist. This website may also be a means to save money for college; so I can perfect craft. Another goal, I have is to give back to my friends family and the world. A portion of every painting you purchase from my website will go St. Jude’s hospital. they say the secret to living is giving to that’s what I’m going to do. I you have any questions please free to email me info@theartspider.net Also check out our Instagram or Facebook. Just click the icons all the way at the bottom of the page, thanks.

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